Best Place for Young Learners – Global Sevilla Preschool Jakarta Barat

Global Sevilla preschool Jakarta Barat commits to pledging education with fun and meaningful activities to support excellent results for students. According to that, this school pledges a positive and supportive learning environment that is suitable for any level of students, even young learners. See more of the reasons below why this preschool is the best for them.

Reasons Why Global Sevilla is the Best for Young Learners

  1. Strong Commitment and Values in Providing a Great Education

Global Sevilla has a strong commitment to creating international-standards education for students. Even for early education here, the learning process is based on the standards of the international curriculum. It will help them to develop and learn in a fun and exciting way and encourage their potential or curiosity to be beneficial for them.

Because of that, this preschool set the goal to help students to be excellent whether academic or non-academic. Furthermore, the students at this preschool Jakarta Barat also will be encouraged to have great character through the implemented mindfulness-based character-building program. So that is why parents can consider this preschool as the place for their children to study.

  1. Pledge the Positive and Supportive Learning Environment

To realize that commitment, this preschool pledges a positive learning environment for its students. Where in this place they can experience learning in a safe and peaceful atmosphere. In detail, this school set rules that do not tolerate any form of abuse and dangerous substances such as alcohol, drugs, and smoking within the school area.

Those are purposed to create an environment where they can study comfortably without any worries about anything. Then, to create a supportive learning environment, this preschool offers the students with various learning and other activities that can help students to develop their ability and knowledge unlimitedly here.

  1. Implement the Character-Building Program

Related to the character-building program in this preschool Jakarta Barat, the students will be guided to mindfulness character-building through that program. It is because of the advantages of this ability that is believed can bring a great mindset and behavior to the students. It is very beneficial for young learners to have this kind of good behavior from the start.

In short, Global Sevilla has tried to pledge the learning environment and activities that is very beneficial and suitable for them. They can study and develop in a place that brings positivity and supports them. So that is why this preschool can be claimed as the best choice for parents to help their children’s education.